Design Assured has created a low
cost, innovative solution
framework for maximising benefits
to its clients by changing how
consultancy is delivered

We deliver value by understanding how to 'solve the right problem really well', whether engaged on system reviews, system enhancement or system development.

We have detailed methodologies to accelerate the required progress. We have best practice frameworks for Problem Solving and Hypothesis Development, Enterprise System Reviews and Maturity Models (EA, ERP, Cloud), Enterprise Application Development (System Extensions, System Enhancements etc.) and the ever so popular Mobile App Development.

In summary, we base the core of any assignment on the following approach:

  1. Framing the Problem
  2. Designing the Analysis
  3. Collating the Data
  4. Interpreting the Data
  5. Presenting the Design

This is fundamental to any good approach, and can be easily applied. For example, we would apply this to any of the following typical assignments or projects:

  • Optimising solution design
  • Enhancing business processes
  • Exploiting innovative solutions
  • Improving usability

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