Great design and leading edge solutions can't be delivered in isolation. Our expertise is only half the solution. The other half is client detail, and that lies with you...

We will only work with you! We are not programme furniture and do not sign up to fixing the wrong problem really well. We only fix the right problem in a timely, effective and efficient manner...

Founding and Managing Partner - Alex Nicoll

Bio - Alex is an engineer at heart, but moved into software solutions in the nineties. He's held many roles in other business and technology departments, founding Design Assured in 2003.

Expertise - System Value

Favourite innovation - Gamification of business process

Gadget - iPad 2

CTO - Nigel Underwood

Bio - Nigel is a software and solution guru. He's skills lie everywhere and picks up any technology immediately. His detailed understanding of how to interpret business problems into solutions outstands me and clients alike - Just email him for a chat on me!

Expertise - Most Tech!

Favourite innovation - Mobile App's - Android and IOS

Gadget - iPhone

Senior Developer - Arijit Bhowmick

Bio - Arijit is a software engineer and application developer. His skills are understanding how business problems can play out in code. He's worked with all technologies and has developed some leading edge applications for global companies, looking to innovate - A true asset within Design Assured since 2007.

Expertise - Solution and System Development

Favourite innovation - Mobile Tech & Web Applications

Gadget - iPhone

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